~ DAROVEDA – Spring Campaign 2021 ~

Dear friends, on the occasion of Nature’s Awakening in 2021, we are happy to announce our spring book and seed sharing campaign: ‘DAROVEDA – Get a Book, Plant a Tree and Seeds of Kindness’. This campaign provides an opportunity to pick up a book from our bookstore and we will give you a surprise seed for a cause to improve society, nature and the environment.

The campaign brings together three projects, two of the Naturalistichno Organization – “DAROVEDA” and “Seeds of Kindness”, as well as the “SeedRepository and EarthRepository” project, of the Synergy Mandala for Integral Development, acting in the service of the common good in Bulgaria and beyond. During the campaign, together with your favorite book you will receive a gift—seeds for planting plants in the garden or in pots on the balcony, specially selected from our gardens. In addition, if you wish and are interested, you will have the opportunity to join the gardening projects of the Association and the Mandala, thus you can participate in the realization and enrichment of a special SeedBank, in which we collect and store many more seeds for all kinds of places. In this way you could also request other seeds for your garden.

You can pick up the book and the seeds in person in Sofia or in Sevlievo, as well as sent by mail or couriers, according to your preferences, agreed with us in advance. 🙂

Take a look at our offers in this album, as well as others here:

You can read more about our initiatives and projects at:


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