• ПОКАНА за Двадесет и четвърто Общо Събрание на Сдружение „Натуралистично”, 23.10.2023 г.

    П О К А Н А За свикване на Двадесет и четвърто Общо Събрание на Сдружение “Натуралистично” УВАЖАЕМИ ДАМИ И ГОСПОДА, Управителният съвет на Сдружение “Натуралистично”, със седалище гр. София, П.К. 1797, Район Младост, ж.к. Мусагеница, Бл. 104, вх. Б, ет. 4, ап. 24, на основание чл. 26 ал. 1, ал. 2

  • Осъществихме Пролетна Залесителна Акция – Гора Градина в с. Стефаново

    Здравейте, приятели! На 09.04.2022 в с. Българене се проведе, пролетна залесителна акция на ферма “Горска Фея” съвместно с Проект “Книгодарителница ДАРоВЕДА”. Залесяването се разгърна в идея за устойчив синергиен проект, а той е превръщането на една обикновена ливада край пътя в гора с плодни растения и билки: Гора- Градина. Идеята

  • Fifteenth General Assembly of the Naturalistichno Organization

    I N V I T A T I O N To convene the Fifteenth General Meeting of the Naturalistichno Association DEAR LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, The Board of Directors of the Association “Naturalistichno”, with its seat in the city of  Sofia, Khan Krum str. № 7A, P.C. 1000, on the basis

  • “Wake up!” Experiment №11 ~ 15-20.06.2021

    In the period 15-20 June the eleventh edition of the “Wake Up!” experiment took place over the town of. Kuklen For another year, part of our team participated and presented projects and activities, as well as provided products and services in the form of a program and space – Academy

  • Independent Seed Festival – 15.05.2021

    On 15.05. in Elin Pelin – Fairy Garden, took place the Independent Seed Festival 2021. During the Festival, part of the team of the “Naturalistichno” Organization shared and exchanged seeds from our seed banks, books from the DAROVEDA project and herbal magic. We also presented the “Seeds of Kindness” project

  • ~ DAROVEDA – Spring Campaign 2021 ~

    Dear friends, on the occasion of Nature’s Awakening in 2021, we are happy to announce our spring book and seed sharing campaign: ‘DAROVEDA – Get a Book, Plant a Tree and Seeds of Kindness’. This campaign provides an opportunity to pick up a book from our bookstore and we will

  • Spring Reforestation Action DAROVEDA 2021 – Honey Forest Garden

    On 11th and 12th April 2021, the Spring Reforestation Action DAROVEDA was held in the village of. Brothers Daskalovi (Chirpansko) with our friends from the Cooperative “Pink Dawn”. There we planted together a honey forest garden inspired by traditional and eastern methods. We successfully combined several altitude levels with seeds

  • Free Exchange of Seeds – 13.03.2021

    On the 13th and 14th of March, 2021, a Free Seed Exchange was held during the Second “For Nature” Fair in Shipka. Participants had the opportunity to acquire seeds for the gardening season, including old varieties and mud mountain species, as well as to learn more about the “Seeds of

  • Seed Exchange in the O’Belya City Garden – 03.03.2021

    On 03.03, in the Comunal City Garden in O’Belya, Sofia took place a Seed Exchange, where part of the team of the “Naturalistichno” Organization shared and exchanged seeds. In the occasion, the team also presented processes, platforms, and projects with which we serve the common good! More information: https://www.facebook.com/events/463346324796753/ Thank

  • VI National Conference Natural Agriculture *Healthy People and Living Earth* – 27-28.02.2021

    On 27 and 28 February, the VI National Conference on Natural Agriculture Healthy People and Living Earth was held in the city of Plovdiv. At the conference, members of the team of Naturalistichno Organization presented processes, platforms and projects for public benefit related to natural farming. The sessions were also