Naturalistichno Team

The organization consists of a Board and members. The organization official decisions are taken by the General Assembly, which consists of all the members and a Board of Directors, consisting of three persons – one chairperson and two other Board of Directors members.

There are also other 12 members of the organization that are involved in different projects and activities.

Naturalistichno Team personal message:

“We are a team of multidimensional personalities delighted by the diversity of life and inspired by the bright wish to be sustainable creators of our surroundings and contribute to the beauty and harmony around us by a compassion care for the Earth and generous sharing with People!

We want to share our values and special relationship with nature with the people who are ready to work actively for the sustainable development of the whole planet!

Our wish is to broad our knowledge and experience and share their application, to organize more projects and initiatives for public benefit and the common good, to inspire more people and organizations to join us and act sustainable. We want to involve and empower everyone who has the interest and desire to contribute for a more aware and equal society, happier, more fair, beautiful and harmonious for everyone and everything Earth!

If this message somehow inspires you to open your mind and soul, contact us and join us to

Act Now, because together we can do much more and much better!”

Naturalistichno Team

Thank you!