Bee Eden is a national environmental, education and sustainability project aimed at conservation and promotion of honey bees, pollinators and honey plants by establishing Ecological Bee Habitats – Ecological Bee Hives and Ecological Bee Gardens (EBG) with different species of honey plants – medicinal herbs and spices, edible vegetables and fruits. The creation of EBG is based on Naturalistic Design, developed by Naturalistichno that combines modern and traditional knowledge and methods to achieve productive ecosystem services and sustainable social, educational, scientific, economic and aesthetic purposes.

The mission of Bee Eden is to promote biodiversity, ecosystem services and conservation of pollinators by creating or installing ecological bee hives and with biological introduction and/or re-introduction of plant species which provide food for honeybees and pollinators. Bee Eden would also bring environmental awareness and knowledge to different target groups, as well as motivate beekeepers to use environmentally sustainable practices and do ecological beekeeping.