Everyone can get involved in the Naturalistichno Organization, whether by becoming a member of the association and being part of the team or by joining to help as a volunteer or intern in our projects and initiatives. 

Membership in the Organization is on a voluntary basis; any adult individuals and legal entities can become a member, given that they share the objectives of the Organization and the means to achieve them, comply with the statutes, and pay their membership fee regularly.

The membership fee is annual and the minimum amount is 24 /twenty-four/ leva for individuals, and 48 /forty-eight/ leva for legal entities. The membership fees provide funds for the maintenance of the structure of the association as an official national organization, as well as for the basic administrative activities of the association and the projects. Financial activities are accounted for by an external accounting firm, and information is provided to the Organization’s members in accordance with proper internal procedures.

To become a member of the Organization you need to fill in a MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FORM, which you can handwrite using the template provided on this page and submit to us in person or remotely by appointment. Or you can download it, print it, fill it out and then present it in person or remotely by appointment.  All applications for membership are considered at the next advertised General Meeting of the organisation, from the date of application (for more information on dates of future formal meetings, please check the NEWS). Members of the Association shall be admitted by the General Assembly at official meetings of the Association.

Download the membership application: Application for membership in the “Naturalistichno” Organization

For any questions, instruction on how to pay your membership fee to the association’s bank account, or any other request, please email us at info@naturalistichno.org

Welcome, we are waiting for you!