Naturalistichno Projects

Naturalistichno runs local, national and international projects that are focused on education, sustainability, nature understanding and protection, urban and non-urban sustainable improvements, organic gardening and bees caring. The organization is also developing other ideas which have the potential to turn into local, national and international projects.

The project`s activities are enriching the understanding of nature and are corresponding harmonious with the natural processes of the ecosystems while empowering individuals and groups to benefit from the natural resources and ecosystem services in a sustainable way.


Current Projects

❃ Project for cleaning, landscaping and creation of a zone for recreation and ecological education in the village of Gorna Lipnitsa, Bulgaria

Project for cleaning, landscaping and creation of a zone for recreation and ecological education in the village of Gorna Lipnitsa


Urban Naturalistic Installations Project (UNI) 

UNI Lund


Bee Eden Project (BE) 

Bee Eden Project


Global Educational Ecosystems for All Project (GEEA) 

GEEA is a volunteer international and global environmental and sustainability education project aiming at establishing and managing Educational Ecosystems (EE). The purpose of GEEA is to create and implement EE in kindergartens, schools, universities and public spaces in urban settlements in different countries, resulting in a network of sustainable ecological places for environmental and sustainability education and scientific urban database and knowledge building. EE will provide modern methods of educational approach for people at different age and will act as an ecological biodiversity rich islands that increase the ecosystem functions and services, promote healthy urban environment, reduce pollution and mitigate climate change. Establishing the GEEA network of EE at different places will allow great number of people to acquire important theoretical and practical modern knowledge and will advance the urban ecology scientific research and climate stabilization efforts.


Past projects

Naturalistic Art Project – NA (2016)

The Naturalistic Art (NA) is a volunteer international cultural, integration and environmental sustainability project run in Bulgaria and Sweden.

NA focuses on establishing a network of artists working with natural materials, as well as providing theoretical and practical know-how to create conceptual artworks from natural materials for bringing aesthetic pleasure and raising awareness for the participants and the society about environmental and social sustainability. The artworks from the artists’ network and from the project activities will be used for public benefit, gifted, exchanged, shared for donation or sold at special prizes. The raised money will be used for supporting the sustainable development of the artists, project and organization behind.


Naturalistichno Initiatives and Ideas

Naturalistic Design Initiative ❃

The Naturalistic Design initiative is about creation and maintenance of interior and exterior sustainable, holistic and harmonious design which is based on the best practices of traditional and modern ideas and practices from the ecological design (Permaculture, Biodynamics, Agroecology), ecosystem approach, sustainable landscape planning, conservation biology, sustainable development.

The Naturalistic Design is the base for creation of the Bee Eden Habitats and Educational Ecosystem sites.


The Seeds of Goodness Initiative 

The Seeds of Goodness is an initiative for collection, storing, conservation and sharing seeds of authentic and heirloom species of local and non-local wild and domesticated edible, medicinal and honey plants. The seeds are collected from contributors in special storage places where they are listed physically and digitally by common and scientific names with place of origin, year of collection and details around the plants. Thus, there is an easy-to-access database of available seeds that Naturalistichno owns and members of the organisation can request and receive for growing. All the actions are done according to the biological principles of conservation biology and according to the laws of the country.


EcoTourism Idea ❃

The EcoTourism Idea is about organizing paid guided tours and presentations in different places of Bulgaria. The tours will focus on environmental and folklore presentation of the places and will aim to bring awareness about the natural and cultural heritage, their preservation and sustainable development. The raised finances will be used for supporting the sustainable development of the idea and organization behind.


The 3R Idea 

The 3R Idea stands for Re-duce, Re-use, Re-cycle concept of sustainable use of material things.

The idea is to emphasize on the need of sustainable approach of using and re-using things based on the cradle-to-cradle principle as much as possible, in order not to create waste and pollution, while being innovative and creative.

It involves educational approach for composting, recycling, remaking of materials in public way.