“Naturalistichno” non-profit organization – “Care and sharing for the Earth and the people!”

“Naturalistichno“ is a non-profit organization for public benefit, established in Sofia, Bulgaria in 2016.

The main direction in the activities of “Naturalistichno” is to implement direct theoretical and practical activities and policies for: protection, maintenance, and improvement of the environment – natural and social, through the conscious use and management of natural resources and biodiversity enhancement. Through understanding, preserving, and improving the Earth’s ecosystems, we can provide better living conditions for people and contribute to balance and harmony between society and nature.

The main goal of the association is to organize initiatives, projects, and programs for contemporary education in the areas of biology and ecology, social and economic activities, culture and unity, tourism, sports, and personal development. It has also developed learning activities of a social and scientific nature in public social spaces, educational institutions, and other municipal, national and international public and private venues.

The emphasis of the non-profit organization “Naturalistichno” is to support adolescents, young people, the socially disadvantaged and people with special needs. The association promotes the preservation of natural, cultural, historical and ethnographic heritage. In this way, it contributes to the development of the Republic of Bulgaria as an attractive tourist destination, promoting the country to Bulgarian and foreign investors, institutions and organizations to help eliminate unemployment and raise the standard of the local population.

We implement ecological and artistic, educational and scientific, public and private projects for contemporary development in various fields, as well as developing pedagogical methods and models through which this knowledge can be passed on to young and old for a brighter future! One of our projects is “Bee Heaven” – A project to learn about, protect and stimulate bees, pollinators, and honey flora and to consciously use natural resources for the flourishing of the Earth Ecosystem. We have also started to create “Ecosystems for Educating the World” (EEW) under the GEEA Project (Global Educational Ecosystems for All) where everyone can learn and become theoretically and practically aware of the natural and human processes around them and learn how to positively relate to and improve the environment and society around us naturally and beneficially for all together. We also created natural artworks and naturalistic installations from the “NaturoCreativity” project.
Our organization has more projects, initiatives, and many more ideas to seed and grow!

Pictures from the projects

The organization is open for new members to join. Anyone who is willing to get involved and support the activities of the organization and other members can easily become a member and participate in the projects and initiatives of the organization. Our innovative and dedicated team continues to develop and foster new ideas and project proposals, both amongst ourselves and from other interested parties related to the aims of the association.

With a planned short-term and long-term strategy for spiral development of the organization and current projects and initiatives, as well as by conducting awareness campaigns, creating information channels on various social media, building a website and creating inspiring informational and educational materials, it will be possible to build productive relationships with other partners and associates to achieve the goals of the association and to spread inspiration and positive vibes to everyone around the world! Learn more about how to join: