Naturalistichno’s activities are based on professionals in the fields of Ecology and Biology, thus rooting on the sustainability knowledge of the Earth’s natural and social processes as a holistic ecosystem—including all natural resources, organisms, and people, and the ways in which they can exist sustainably and with increasing value for all!

We carry out environmental and artistic, educational and scientific, public and private initiatives and projects for sustainable development in various fields, as well as develop pedagogical methods and models through which this knowledge can be passed on to young and less young for a brighter future! One of our projects is “Bee Paradise”—a project to learn about, conserve and stimulate bees, pollinators and honey flora and the sustainable use of natural resources for the flourishing of the Earth Ecosystem. We are also beginning to create “Ecosystems for Education for the World” (EOWs) from the GEOS project – Global Educational Ecosystems for All *GEEA –, where everyone can learn and become theoretically and practically aware of the natural and human processes around them and learn how to positively relate and improve the environment and society around us together and sustainably. Soon you can also expect natural artworks and live installations from NaturoCreativity. Our association has more initiatives and many more ideas to seed and grow!

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